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The Casa Krone is situated in an exclusive part of the beautiful island of Elba just below the Monte Orello, with a breath taking view over the Mediterranean Sea and the gulf of Bagnaia. It was build in the 60ies by an English Lord, and is situated in the middle of a forest of cork, holms and pine trees.

This house is a paradise for us, a magical place, nestled in the gorgeous landscape of Elba, with its different faces every season, its colours and scents. For us Casa Krone means the continuation of a family tradition. We have therefore given the house a new look while maintaining the original charm and the understated elegance.

Casa Krone offers through its position on a mountain an open panoramic view, while also sharpening the look on itself. All this inspired us to create a transition between the exterior and interior with the aim to give more space to light and air. Large windows and terraces open the view to the outside, in nature, bringing the sky a bit closer.

Television report about Casa Krone